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Texas Thunder Track Club is based our of Leader/Cedar Park Texas area and is a competitive youth track and field club. Athletes may choose to try any event offered and have the option of attending multiple meets, from regular competition meets to national advancement meets. We have 3 main seasons, Summer, Cross Country/Fall, and Indoor/Winter. You can explore each season by clicking on the photo above. Summer Season is focused on training and developing young athletes in sprints, hurdles, middles distance and some field events. Athletes will practice track and field fundamentals while developing individual abilities. Cross Country training helps enhance your performance through building endurance and stamina. this type of running is usually ran off of the track; typically on trails, over hills, across fields , and through wooded areas. It will also help athletes of all genres maintain their performance levels through the off season. Indoor/Winter training focuses on SAQ (strength, agility, and quickness). Coach Roddy includes stabilization endurance, strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximum strength and power.


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